PRC: “We are shocked over terror in Norway”

PRC: “We are shocked over terror in Norway”
The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) expresses deep sorrow over the terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 76 people in Norway. PRC offers its condolences to the victims and their families for the unspeakable horror they’ve had to endure.

PRC is shocked by the heinous crime against a country and a people that has shown exemplary resolve in standing up for human rights and justice. In a letter sent to the Norwegian embassy, PRC praised Norway for its democracy and shared its faith in Norway’s ability to come through this tragedy as a stronger nation.

The letter stated, “Norway is a great model for aspiring nations. You stand for freedom, justice and values which are universally cherished.  Your steadfastness in upholding these values has been demonstrated many times, and people all over the world are extremely grateful for that.”

The centre called on European Union and states to support Norway during this calamity and in its fight against terrorism.

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