Call to join Third Palestine Memorial Week 2012 - UK

Call to join Third Palestine Memorial Week  2012 - UK

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), in partnership with other British organizations including Student unions, will launch the Third Palestine Memorial Week from 16th –23rd of January 2012,  to commemorate the anniversary of all Palestinian victims, especially Gaza.  Events will be held across many British cities and universities. Palestinians continue to suffer and this year, due to economic downturn and the instability in the region, there is added greater pressure on Palestinian refugee communities around the world. Memorial week is an opportunity to discuss the past, present and future details on the question of Palestine.


Goals: Raise Awareness of the Palestinian issue.Provide details of historical injustices, current crises and future resolutions Informing and teaching the public about the importance of this issue now just for Palestinians but the region and the world at large. Reach wider audience through national advertising. Activities of the Week:- The Memorial Week is a chance to commemorate the Palestinians victims over the past 63 years on the global level. -Memorial Week coincide with the 3rd anniversary of Gaza onslaught. -The 1-week-event will be advertised half page in Independent Newspaper. -A key conference will be held within the memorial week where MPs, politicians, Academics and researchers will speak. -A Key Event will take place Sunday in Hyde Park. -Memorial Week will take place in more than 15 cities with a total of 28 different activities. -PRC will highlight Photo Galleries about Gaza, Palestinian Prisoners, Apartheid and the Nakba. -Thousands of leaflets and media materials will be distributed nationwide. -Movies about Palestine, flags and other gifts will be distributed.


Potential Partners and Logistics/Materials PRC welcomes any organization or activism body to take part in the event. The centre will make its utmost to facilitate the joint work with them. PRC will provide potential partners with all the materials required. Literature on Palestine, books, leaflets, A1 Photo Galleries, DVDs and many other items will be provided. Media CoverageThe centre will undertake publicity for the week in cooperation with the partners.  It will be advertised in National Newspapers and other alternative media sources. To take part in the Week contacts us:Palestinian Return or 02084530978

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