Read PRC Magazine: 2nd Edition of JPRS

Read PRC Magazine: 2nd Edition of JPRS

This autumn edition of the Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies (JPRS) was developed from the theme of our Palestine memorial week 2011. Articles included in this edition focus on the ongoing Nakba (literally catastrophe, the term Palestinians used to describe their exile in 1948). 

In its current form the Nakba manifest as a slow and silent ethnic cleansing of Palestine. As everyone Palestinian knows, the Nakba never ended, it merely took different forms. Palestinians, from the 1948 lands to the occupied territory continue to be expelled and disposed in their hundreds. Not to mention the many racist laws adopted by the Knesset to lock Palestinians into their exile.

JPRS is produced by the Palestinian Return Centre. We strive to bring news and analysis from the Middle East and around the world which impact on the plight of Palestinian refugees. We are immensely grateful to all the contributors and we welcome experts, activists and commentators to contribute to future editions.

Read Full Magazine and articles below:

JPRS 2nd Ed: Editorial

The Palestinian struggle, stated Edward Said, is not about national anthems, national flags or national currency. The core of the Palestinian cause is a struggle for basic human rights and freedom from occupation…

JPRS 2nd Ed: End the Nakba End the Conflict

The Palestinian Nakba is still ongoing and will continue to go on until we Palestinians have achieved our independence and freedom. he history of the Nakba began with the emergence of Zionism as a colonial and imperial discourse and the process of Judaization of Palestinian sites…

JPRS 2nd Ed: Documenting the Ongoing Nakba

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict remains a headline, or a daily story, on TV channels and in newspapers. It seems to be the most well-known case world-wide. Tens, if not hundreds, of films have been produced about Palestine, and plenty on the Nakba in different languages…

JPRS 2nd Ed: My story in Gaza

One of the recurring aspects of the Nakba (catastrophe) is the ongoing violence perpetrated against Palestinians. I witnessed this first hand during the 2008-9 Israeli invasion known as Operation Cast Lead. ..

JPRS 2nd Ed: Forceful displacement and expulsion in Israel

he Nakba generally focuses on the plight of Palestinian refugees and Israel’s ongoing annexation of Palestine. Seldom do were hear about the ongoing displacement of Palestinians within Israel…

JPRS 2nd Ed: Strategic outlines of a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

The topic that I am supposed to speak on is the strategic outlines of a Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Well, I don’t represent the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and there is no one individual that does or even a few, it really doesn’t have any unified leadership and it either has many leaders or no leaders, take your choice…

JPRS 2nd Ed: Lobbying for Justice and Rights

Most of the contributions to the Nakba Conference in January focused on developments in the Occupied Territories and in Israel itself; the continued denial of the right of Palestinians to self-determination, and the discrimination…

JPRS 2nd Ed:Time to shine the spotlight on Palestine

I was looking at the news wires last night and I saw the headline, “Obama condemns violence in Tunisia” and perhaps I’m overly cynical, I assumed it was the violence of the protesters,…

JPRS 2nd Ed: The Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine

The Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine fight for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian People through the medium of international law. For far too long, these rights have been ignored. Not only have the Palestinians suffered injustice as a people and as individuals, something that cries out to Heaven for recognition and compassion, but this denial of justice, this culture of denial that lies behind it, is a source of instability in our world that we cannot afford.

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