10th Palestinians in Europe Conference to kick off next week

10th Palestinians in Europe Conference to kick off next week

The 10th Palestinians in Europe Conference is due to begin next week as preparations completed. The event is organized by the General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and the Palestinian Forum in Denmark. It will take place on Saturday, 28th, April 2012 in Denmark, Copenhagen. The conference is titled “Our Spring blossoms our Return”

The event will be held under the auspices of the Tunisian President, Mohammed Monsif al Marzouqi.

According to Majed Alzeer, PRC General Director and Conference President, this year’s conference will reflect on the Arab Spring and its impact on the Palestinian cause. He noted that, Tunisian Presidential Bureau Director, Emad Al Daimi, will deliver a speech on behalf of the President.

As for Adel Abdallah, Chairman of the General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference pointed out that the conference will discuss important issues and will attempt to internationalise some of the Palestinian key issues.  He further added that key issues like the Palestinian Refugees in Iraq and Nahir al Bard Refugee camp crisis will be discussed at the event. Gaza Siege and Gaza Refugee camp in Jordan will be on the Agenda too.

Clare Short, former British Minster and MP, as well as Palestinian Parliamentarian and Head of Popular Committee Against the Siege on Gaza, Jamal Al Kohdary, in addition to Palestinian historian, Salman Abu Sitta, Chair of the land foundation, will participate at the event.Other key speakers include Dr. Muhammad Yasir Amro, Chair of Academy of Palestinian Refugee Studies and also, Basim Kayed, chair of Palestinian Scholars league in Lebanon.

Chair of the Palestinian Forum in Denmark, Ziad Shuhair said t6hat many important workshops and discussion sessions are to take place on the conference such as workshop on “Arab Revolution and the Palestinian Cause” and “Key Palestinian issues – Jerusalem, Refugees, Prisoners and settlements”Other workshops will highlight on the Palestinian liberation organization and Palestinian unity as well as session on “West and Palestine Cause”. A campaign titled, “European Campaign to Release Palestinian prisoners”

Belal al Fout, Head of Preparatory Committees confirmed most arrangements are completed where thousands of Palestinians from all across Europe and around the world are expected to take part in the conference.

During the previous nine years the conference was held in various European cities like London 2003, Berlin 2004, Vienna 2005, Malmo 2006, Rotterdam 2007, Copenhagen 2008, Milan 2009, Berlin 2010 and Wuppertal, Germany 2011.

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