PRC honours Baroness Jenny Tonge

PRC honours Baroness Jenny Tonge

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) hosted an award evening celebrating individuals standing up for freedom and justice in British politics. The award is new project at PRC titled “Justice and Freedom Award” and will be held on annual basis.

The event was organized in conjunction with Palestinian and Arab leaders and supported by leading Muslim groups and civic organizations around the country.

A number of parliamentarians were also present in recognition for this year’s champion, Baroness Jenny Tonge, who has been one of the great campaigners for the Palestinian cause in UK.

Majed Al Zeer, General Director of Palestine, spoke of his great admiration for Baroness Tonge. He praised the Baroness commenting that “In Politics the first loyalty isn’t human rights and justice, but Baroness Tonge defies political norms and loyalties and speaks out against injustices in Africa, Palestine and wherever it may occur”.

Others spoke of their admiration and experience of working with Baroness Tonge over the years and decades including, Dr Manual Hassassian, the diplomatic representative of the PA in Britain, former minster Clare Short, Dr Arafat Shoukri, Martin Linton, Sabah Al Mukthar, head of Arab solicitors association and  Dr Ghada Karmi.

Baroness Tonge is very highly regarded in the Arab and Palestine community. She has been the greatest symbol within the Libdems in standing up for Human rights and Justice. She is constantly attacked by the Zionist lobby with pernicious lies and accusations.

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