PRC launches Working Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria

PRC launches Working Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria

In a workshop organised by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), a new imitative to protect and aid Palestinian refugees in Syria was launched. The group “The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria” was formed during a workshop organized by the PRC.


A number of Palestinian thinkers and NGOs  attended the workshop which was titled, “Palestinian Refugees in Syria: Realties and Hopes”

Two papers were submitted for discussion. The first was presented by Firas Abu Hilal, a Palestinian journalist and researcher. His paperwork detailed the history of Palestinian refugees in Syria. He elaborated that Palestinian refugees have obtained several rights that were not given to Palestinian refugees in any other Arab country.

For his part, Palestinian researcher and activist, Tariq Hamoud, presented paper on the realties and conditions facing Palestinian refugees. Hamoud’s paper examined the humanitarian suffering of Palestinian refugee camps in Syria backed with numbers, statistics and documented information.  It also discussed the political positions of the various Palestinian factions towards the crisis facing the Syrian people.

“It is  vital to mention that the suffering of Palestinian  is just one part of a bigger problem and mayhem that the entire SYrian people are suffering.”

The presentation was followed by a discussion from the audience who suggested and proposed some ideas on addressing the immediate crises.

Attendees asserted that Palestinian refugee camps should remain neutral; they should maintain support for the Syrian people and its legitimate rights. Additionally, they called on challenging those trying to drive the camps into the conflict. They also stated that the camps should remain a safe haven for Palestinian and Syrian refugees and should do all they can to support the Syrian people.

Most of the attendees pointed out that there needs to be an intensification of the relief efforts to help all refugees in Syrian. They also agreed on launching the Working Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria initiative which will include a number of NGOs, activists, politicians and public figures.

Organisations/Individuals wishing to join the initiative are advised to contact the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) by email or by phone on 0044 - 2084530919

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