PRC organizes campaign “Britain, It’s Time To Apologise”

PRC organizes campaign “Britain, It’s Time To Apologise”
The Palestinian Return Center (PRC) has launched an international campaign that targets collecting one million signatures asking Britain to apologize to the Palestinian people.

The London-based PRC statement on Monday said that Britain should apologize for its historic mistake starting with the Balfour Declaration and for the human rights abuse suffered by Palestinians while under British Mandate.

It said, “International Campaign, “Britain, It’s Time To Apologize” …1917-2017…A Century Of Palestinian Suffering It’s nearly 100 years since the UK Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, pronounced the Balfour Declaration, on 2nd November 1917, promising a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Ever since, Palestinians have suffered tremendously under the shadow of Britain’s colonial past.”

The statement then read: “Justice was rendered over Britain’s colonial past in the Mau Mau case. The world heard what every subjugated people knew, Britain committed brutal crimes against indigenous populations.

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), with other partners around the world, is preparing to launch their global campaign to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.

The campaign, which will be launched in the UK, will gather a million signatures from those seeking justice in Palestine, in condemnation of British colonial policy between 1917-1948.

Over 11 million Palestinians continue to suffer from the unjust and misguided British policy in Palestine.

The five year campaign will include mass mobilization, popular events, conferences and workshops, lobbying, petition and many other initiatives.

Great injustice leaves great scars, it is time Britain apologized to rebuild for the future.

Since Britain has shown it’s capable of taking responsibility for its past atrocities, we are optimistic in achieving our goal.”

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