Urgent Petition to European Union: Save Palestinian Prisoners’ lives

Urgent Petition to European Union: Save Palestinian Prisoners’ lives
We the undersigned organisations call on the European Union to take practical steps in stopping Israel’s continued violation of human rights through its abuse of Palestinian prisoners.

We call on all politicians, European institutions and NGOs to take prompt action to safeguard the lives of Palestinian prisoners from imminent harm.

Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners is akin to a slow death penalty and in clear violation of International Law.

The tragic death of the 64 year old, Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh, as a result of Israel’s refusal to provide proper medical attention highlights the desperate and inhumane conditions faced by thousands of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel.

Poor health and chronic illness is endemic and pervasive within Israeli prisons. Of the 4500 Palestinians suffering in Israeli prison, 25 more have been diagnosed with cancer. They too are denied basic access to health care and proper treatment.

The European Union has a moral and legal responsibility under its Association Agreement to ensure that Israel upholds basic standards of human rights.

The European Union must:

Freeze the EU-Israel Association Agreement until Israel stops its ongoing violation of human rights. All EU member states must put diplomatic pressure on Israel and ensure Israel provides health and medical attention to Palestinian prisoners. The EU must set up a committee to investigate the death of Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh and Arafat Jaradat who died recently under Israeli torture. The EU must carry out a full review of human rights violation of Israel before initiating normal trade relations with Israel






Signatory Organizations:

1. General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference The European Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners (UFree), Norway The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), UK Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), UK Koordination Forum Zur Unnterstützung Palästina-Austria The Palestinian Rights Institute – Ireland The Palestinian Forum – Denmark Rights for All –Geneva The Palestinian Women’s Forum – Germany The Association of Social and Cultural Foundations – Moscow Palestijinse Huis. HPH. Holland Palästinensische Gemeinde Berlin-Germany Palästinensischer Bund Deutschland für das-Berlin Pal. Bund Deutschland für Rückkehrrecht -Germany Palästinensische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland-Germany The Islamic Council – Copenhagen ABSPP ONLUS-Italy ΕΛΛΗΝΟΠΑΛΑΙΣΤΙΝΙΑΚΗ ΦΙΛΙΑ- Greece Palestinian Centre for Justice- Sweden Associazione dei Palestinesi in Italia (API) Palestinian Forum in Youlmd - Denmark Palestinian Affairs Centre



For more information and joining the petition visit and The European Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners (UFree), http://ufree-p.net/ and the The Palestinian Return Centre, http://www.prc.org.uk/

Short Link : http://bit.ly/2A65vXo