Watch "The Agony" Film: Remembering Deir Yassin Massacre


 65 years ago, April 9 1948, the peaceful Arab village, Deir Yassin, a village in the suburb of Jerusalem was brutally attacked by Jewish Para military groups killing hundreds of people.

The massacre was part of a systematic campaign that was designed to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from what was to be become Israel. 750,000 Palestinians, 90% of the Palestinian population in Israel fled as Jewish Para military groups began a campaign of threat, intimidation and indiscriminate killing.

Two hundred and fifty people were slaughtered. Bodies were mutilated and many hundred were butchered. Twenty five pregnant women were bayoneted in their abdomens while alive. A further fifty two children were maimed in front of their mothers. Their mothers were in turn massacred and their bodies mutilated. About sixty other women and girls were also killed and their bodies mutilated. Such are the historical facts and accounts told by survivors of the horrible crime that was perpetrated against the Arab village of Deir Yassin.

With Palestinians still living under a brutal occupation and enduring more ethnic cleansing, memories of the massacre continues to echo into our time. In memory of those were killed including hundreds of others as a consequence of Israel’s brutality. A film titled, “The Agony”. documented the horror and desperation Palestinian faced at the time. It recounts eye witness accounts of the events that unfolded during that tragic and fateful day.

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