11th Palestinians in Europe Conference, Guests Confirmed, Participants Increasing

11th Palestinians in Europe Conference, Guests Confirmed, Participants Increasing

Arrangements for the 11th Palestinians in Europe conference are running smoothly and more guests have been confirmed. The 11th Conference, organized by the General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), will be held in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday 18th May 2013.


The one-day conference will discuss a number of key issues related to the Palestinian people and their quest of liberation, including primary concerns like Israeli occupation, Jerusalem, refugees, prisoners, borders, statehood and others.

Thousands Palestinians, including representatives from other Arab/Muslim and European communities are expected to take part at the event.

Palestinian speakers will be joined by other high profile individuals from the Middle East, Europe and from across the world. They will speak at the event and during its many sessions. Key figures will take part in the event such as Sheikh Rashid al Ghanoushi leader of al Nahda movement in Tunisia, President of Al Sharq Forum Wadah Khanfar, Palestinian Member of Parliament Gamal El Khoudary, Dr. Salman Abu Sitta chair of Palestine Land Foundation, Palestinian/American Journalist and Editor of Al Mizan magazine Osama Abu Rshaid and Mr. Kathem Ayash chair of the Jordanian association to defend the right of return.

Additionally, a number of freed Palestinian prisoners like Mahmoud al Sirsik, Salih Al Hamouri and Ayman al Sharwna will also be attending and delivering a message on behalf of the prisoners.

A number of parallel events have also been planned including a film festival. Productions that will be displayed include the Nakba, Jersualem, settlements, Gaza siege and refugees. Workshops will be set aside to discuss the film in greater detail with the directors which includes; Rawan Al Damin, director at Aljazeera Channl, Tunisian film director Jamal Al Dalali and also film directors Nawras Abu Saleh and Bhiya Nmour.

President of the Conference and PRC General Director, Majed al Zeer commented on the latest developments of the conference and said,

“The conference is very essential and carries several important messages such as adhering to the Palestinian identity and right of return. It also shows the intimate connection between Palestinians in Europe and the plight of their brethrens in occupied Palestine, as well as other core issues related to the Palestinian people.”

According to Alzeer, the issue of Palestinian refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan will be highlighted. In addition the terrible ordeal of Palestinian prisoners and Israel’s apartheid practices in West Bank, Gaza Siege and the judisation of Jerusalem will be addressed.

There is something for everyone as the organizers have planned entertainment and activities for children, youth, women and others.

Other related events during week include a seminar at the European parliament on the 15th of May 2013. A workshop will also be convened to highlight the humanitarian conditions in occupied Palestine which will be held on the same day/venue at 9am, and is organized by the assembly of Palestinian doctors in Europe.



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