Meeting at British Parliament: Britain, It's Time To Apologise, International Balfour Campaign

Meeting at British Parliament: Britain, It's Time To Apologise, International Balfour Campaign

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is organizing a seminar at the British parliament to mark the 96th anniversary of Balfour declaration and provide an update on our campaign “Britain, It's Time To Apologize, International Balfour Campaign”

The seminar will take place on Monday, 4th of November 2013, at Houses of Parliament, Portcullis House, Wilson Room, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. It will be hosted by Jeremy Corbyn MP.


Palestinian Ambassador in Britain, Manuel Hassassian, will be a key speaker at the event. The three signatories of the campaign Baroness Jenny Tonge, Lord Ahmed Nazir, Jeremy Corbyn MP, will also be speaking at the event. Sameh Habeeb, head of PRC media department and the coordinator for the campaign in Europe will join the panelist. A number of other MPs, politicians and activists will also speak.


PRC with other partners around the world collected thousands of emails in its global campaign to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.


The campaign will run for five years to galvanize international support in seeking an apology from British authorities, for the many human rights violations in Palestine during British Mandate.


General Director of PRC and the campaign general coordinator Majed Alzeer stated that activities of the campaign are expanding and more politicians and decision makers are joining, in Britain and worldwide. Alzeer called on all organisations working for Palestine to join the campaign as equal partners.


Meanwhile, Campaign coordinator in the Arab region, Ali Hewidi, added that there is great momentum for the campaign across the many communities of Palestinian people as well as Arabs. Hewidi said that key Lebanese politician, former PM, Selim al-Hoss signed and joined the campaign.


If you are interested in taking part book your seat by email: or 02084530919

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