International Bureau Investigating Conditions of Palestinians From Syria, is Formed

International Bureau Investigating Conditions of Palestinians From Syria, is Formed

A workshop was held in Istanbul, Turkey to discuss the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Syria. The workshop was organized by the Action Group for Palestinian in Syria, the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC)and the Turkish Association in solidarity with Palestinian people. The workshops included many journalists, human rights activists and experts in refugees’ affairs.



Tarek Hamoud, coordinator Action Group for Palestinian in Syria opened the meeting and presented a paper, also General Director of PRC, Majed al Zeer and Muhammad Mshainsh, Boland Yildrim of IHH spoke at the event. The workshop included three main sessions on the condition of Palestinian refugees in Syria and those who escaped the war to Arab and European countries.


Papers presented focused on the political, media and aid related issues. At the end of the workshops a number of recommendations were made:

1-      Forming an international Bureau to follow up and address all the affairs of Palestinian refugees in Syria. It will be a framework for media, aid, legal, documentary and political organizations.

2-      The failure of official and non-official actors in the crisis of Palestinian in Syria increases and further complicates their plights. There should be a unified Palestinian stance on all areas.

3-      UNRWA is the primary agency directly responsible for Palestinian refugees. International community must meet its mortal obligations and help UNRWA perform its work.

4-      UNCHR should meet its obligations by assisting Palestinian refugees in the areas where UNRWA is not operating.

5-      Egyptian authorities should immediately release Palestinian refugee families and meet its legal obligations.

6-      Jordan and Lebanon, as well as other Arab countries should secure immediate protection for Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria. They especially should grant them freedom of movement across borders.

7-      We call on Turkey to provide aid to those refugees fleeing war zone and provide access to health care, education and residency permits with freedom of movement.

8-      Delegates at the workshops to begin close coordination with UNRWA and UNHCR to document and assist refugees.

9-      Libyan authorities should open a prompt investigation on the incident of firing at boat carrying refugees, an incident that caused the death of hundreds of refugees in the sea near Malta.

10-  Delegates to issue different reports to documents and follow up the conditions of Palestinian refugees from Syria. Such reports will be circulated to related human rights and charitable organizations.

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