JPRS Volume 3, issue 2 is out

JPRS Volume 3, issue 2 is out

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) has published Volume 3, issue 2 edition of the Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies (JPRS).JPRS provides information and analysis of issues that are central to Palestinian refugees worldwide.


This edition provides a very comprehensive look at the challenges facing Palestinian refugees globally and looks at specific case studies within the context of international law such as the plight of Palestinian from Syria and humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The edition also includes an appraisal of EU policy towards Israeli occupation and an analysis into why the plight of refugees should be central to Campaigning in the UK.

The first part of the report, The Reality of Services in the West Bank Refugee Camps, was published in the previous edition. The final section included in this edition provides a detailed examination of the quality and type of provisions available to Palestinian refugees in the West Bank.   


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