Timetable: Int. Conference: Europe and Palestine

Timetable: Int. Conference: Europe and Palestine

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster, is hosting a one-day conference on Europe and Palestine. The exciting event will bring together a number of leading experts from around the world.

Europe is the historical backdrop for the creation of the state of Israel and subsequent Palestinian nakba (’catastrophe’). However with the United States now playing the dominant role on the question of Palestine, Europe’s position, influence and room for manoeuvre has attracted less attention. It is also a decade since the formation of the Quartet in which Europe has been a less than effective partner.

This conference will present a wide-ranging appraisal of Europe’s involvement in Palestine and its possible future roles. It will provide historical context of Europe’s connection with Palestine, its current position on key issue and how the EU could emerge as a more significant player in any future resolution to the conflict.

Date: Thursday 13 March 2014.

Time: 10.00 – 19.00

Venue: The Boardroom, University of Westminster, 309 Regent StreetLondon W1B 2HW.

Nearest Station Oxford Circus.

Full Time Table below:



Opening Session                     9:45 AM- 10:15 AM Chair (Nasim Ahmed)

Mr. Mohamed Hamed

Dr Dibyesh Anand


Session One                           10:15-11:30 AM                           Chair ( Dr Abdelwahab El-Affendi)

.Professor Rosemary Hollis

Britain and the Palestine Question: Evolution of Conceptual Framing

.Bishop Riah

The Role of Christians in the Restoration of Jews to Palestine and How Christian Europe is Failing to Protect Palestinian Christians.

Break 11:30-12:15 PM

Session Two                             12:15 PM-1:15 PM                                       Chair ( Dr Maria Holt)

.Professor Michelle Pace

EU Governance Practices and the Israeli Palestine Conflict

.Dr Dimitris Bouris

EU and State-Building in Palestine After Oslo

Lunch 1:15 - 2:00 PM

Session Three                             2:00 PM-3:00 PM                                    Chair ()

.Dr Federica Bicchi

The EU Policy Towards 1967 Borders: From Jerusalem to the Guidelines

.Dr Phyllis Starkey

Is the EU in Danger of Trading Away Peace

Break 3:00 PM-3:15PM

Session Four                               3:15 PM- 4:30 PM                         Chair ()

.Andrea Dessi

Reviewing the Effectiveness of the Quartet and the EU’s Role Therein


Palestinian Resistance in the Eyes of Western Academia

.Dr Adeeb Ziadeh

An Assessment of EU’s Underlying Logic of its Policy in Palestine



Session Five                               5:00 PM- 6:30 PM                         Chair ()

.Professor Norman Finkelstein

Keynote Speech

Will take place in Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW


6:30 END

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