Petition seeks “Britain apology” on Palestine kicks in the UK

Petition seeks “Britain apology” on Palestine kicks in the UK

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), and Palestinian Forum of Britain launched a nationwide campaign in the United Kingdom asking Britain to atone for its historical mistake in Palestine. 


The campaign is one year long that seeks to get 100.000 signatures from British citizens. Thus the issue can be addressed at the House of Commons.


This petition is parallel to international campaign launched on the same issue to collect 1 million signatures and will lost till 2017 on the centenary of Balfour Declaration anniversary.


Majed Alzeer, General Director of PRC stated that the campaign is part of a strategy to defend the Palestinian rights and to keep the issue alive the table.


Ziad ElAloul,  chairman of Palestinian Forum of Britain added that the petition is an effort to raise awareness of the British public and the historical role of Britain. He hoped to achieve the goals of the campaign and raise the issue for the public opinion. The Palestinian calls all organisations and those working the field to join the campaign.


The petition was launched on number 10 official website and hosted by Baroness Jenny Tonge. 


The Petition states:


We call on Her Majesty’s Government to openly recognise British responsibility for the plight of the Palestinian people. The colonial policy of Britain between 1917-1948 led to mass displacement of the Palestinian nation. The British government failed to protect the Palestinian people, which was a breach of its obligations under the Mandate. Britain’s failure led to communal strife, violence and mass displacement of more than half of the Palestinian population before expiration of its Mandate. The Balfour declaration of 1917 clearly prejudiced the rights of Palestinian people and sealed their fate, leading to untold suffering. Since then, seven million Palestinian refugees, more than half the Palestinian population have had to endure this historic injustice, a blatant denial of their human rights. HM Government bears responsibility for the plight of Palestinians and has a duty to ensure proper restoration and reparation for its historical failure.


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