Seminar to discuss Palestine onboard of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Seminar to discuss Palestine onboard of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Development Innovations and Network & The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) & Right for All & Euro-Mid organized an event  onboard of 26th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.



The event focused on the Palestinian issue and was titled, “The Status of Human Rights in Palestine Overview of the Plight of Gaza Strip and Palestinian Refugees”


The event highlighted on the issue of Palestinian refugees in the Diaspora and the key challenges facing them. It will look into the plight of the refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Europe and other parts of the world.


This panel focused on Gaza and provide a comprehensive and concise overview of evidence that support the commission of war crimes in the Gaza Strip and on its 1.8 million Palestinian residents. Drawing from statistical analyses and eyewitness testimonies, this report-back will provide the definitive compilation of the consequences of the 50-day assault, including the cost to the deliberate targeting and murder of civilians anddestruction of civil infrastructure.


Panelists induced academnic and researcher Nasim Ahmed who speak on the challenges facing Palestinian Refugees in Diaspora (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and other locations. Also, Mr. Huthaifa Ashqar, Euro-Mid Researcher spoke about the conditions in the Gaza Strip in light of Israeli aggression in summer 2014. He also focused on protecting Israeli Troops with Human Shields.

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