Ask your MP to vote for Palestine

Ask your MP to vote for Palestine

There are very few opportunities for MPs to vote to recognise Palestinians’ right to self-determination. But on Monday 13th October, your MP will have a chance to vote in the Commons to recognise a Palestinian State. The decision will not be binding on the Government, but it will be an important indicator of support, and will add to the pressure.



Please make sure that you do all you can to urge your MP to vote for Palestine.        MPs say 'recognise Palestine'

MPs show their support for Palestine.Even – or perhaps especially – if your MP is not supportive take the time to email them. If a significant number of constituents contact them they will be aware that their position will be at odds with their voters if they vote against freedom and self-determination. As this is a backbench debate, MPs will not be obliged by their political parties to vote – so let’s make sure that as many as possible turn up and vote for Palestine.


Ask your MP to vote

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