2015 Semiannual Documentary Report on Palestinian refugees in Syria

2015 Semiannual Documentary Report on Palestinian refugees in Syria

2015 Semiannual Documentary Report on Palestinian refugees in Syria

While the Syrian crisis still rages on, the Palestinian refugees that have been in Syria for 67 years are paying the price as the war has impacted on fundamental capacities of both the Syrian and Palestinian people.


The war’s remit has expanded to the refugee camps and the compounds that are distributed throughout the Syrian cities. 2,910 Palestinian refugees have died as a result of clashes, shelling or due to torture within Syrian prisons. This report is an output of joint efforts between the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) which is dedicated to serve the Palestinian refugees and their right of return and The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria.


The report uses anecdotal evidence from Palestinian refugee camps and compounds inside of Syria that provides information of the daily life, health and humanitarian conditions of Palestinian refugees in Syria. It also documents the daily abuses and events that arise out of the conflict that is ongoing in Syria and that has affected the Palestinian refugees in particular. Finally, it details the situation of displaced PRS, that are displaced for the second time outside of Syria. Having fled/migrated to neighbouring countries as either a destination or transit point until they reach Europe.


This report reflects the most important events in the first half of 2015, which is preceded by two reports documenting the events of the first and second half of 2014, a "status report" and several special reports on issues related to the Palestinian Syrian affairs.The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS), is a media and human rights organisation that monitors issues relating to Palestinian Refugees in Syria (PRS), regardless of where they are situated and have been documenting events affecting and violations against PRS.

The AGPS acts through a network of field correspondents and researchers specialising in the Palestinian cause, maintaining an overview of their evolving situation of displacement. This documentation provides important context for defence of their rights of refugees in local, regional and international forums.

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