The Palestinian Return Centre is accepting submissions of academic papers from university students wishing to have their work published in the 5th volume of the Journal for Palestinian Refugee Studies. JPRS is the only journal that is published in English entirely dedicated to the research of issues dealing with Palestinian refugees.

A chapter in the upcoming issue of the Journal is dedicated to academic essays written by university students. Papers should explore the various political, humanitarian and historical conditions of Palestinian refugees seen in light of the wider Zionist-Palestinian conflict. We strongly encourage submissions prior to the deadline. See below for detailed guidelines.

JPRS Guidelines

·       Email your application to &

·       Articles submitted to the Journal should be an original and unpublished contribution and not under consideration for any other publication at the same time.

·       We accept essays that have already been submitted as requirement for your University course/research.

·       The essay must not have been written prior to 2014.

·       Deadline for applications closes on the 15th of June 2016 at 11.59 pm

·       We only accept text files or files in .doc or .docx format (such as from Microsoft Word or Open Office). We do not accept PDF submissions.

·       Articles should be approximately 1,700-3,000 words in length. This limit does not include titles, subtitles, references, or the abstract.

·       Article submissions must contain no more than 10% of textual material published in other places by the same author or authors, and these references must be acknowledged and cited; in other words, the remaining 70% of the article must be unique and original to your current submission.

·       Authors must ensure the accuracy of citations, quotations, diagrams, tables, and maps. The need for referencing is reiterated.

·       Reference material using endnotes (not footnotes), endnote citations should be formatted in the Vancouver style e.g. Habeeb S (2011) 'Introduction', Journal for Palestinian Studies Volume 1 [accessed 26 July 2015]

·       Articles should be thoroughly checked and proofread before submission, both by the author and a critical editorial friend. After you have submitted your article, you are unable to make any changes to it during the review process. However, if your paper is accepted, you will have a chance to make minor revisions before the final submission of your article.

·       Copyright of all articles published rests with the author and the Journal. All images intended for publication must be copyrighted to the author or be submitted with the express written permission of the copyright owner. JPRS/ PRC will not be liable for any copyright breaches.

·       The editor has the right to edit and alter the content in condition that such changes will not affect the essence of the article.

·       Writers can republish the articles elsewhere with agreement of PRC/JPRS with clear attribution of JPRS as the source.

·       Articles should be submitted within a deadline set by the editor.

·       Contributors should provide a passport style photo with high resolution and a short biography of 3 to 5 lines. The photo will be published with the article.




You may send us future submission for our next editions. 


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