Parliamentary Event Transcript: Poverty in Palestinian Refugee Camps

Parliamentary Event Transcript: Poverty in Palestinian Refugee Camps

On Monday, 25th January, the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) held a seminar in the Houses of Commons titled “Poverty in Palestinian Refugee Camps: Challenges and Prospects”.

The event was hosted by MP Ben Bradshaw and focused on the adverse conditions that Palestinian refugees - particularly in Lebanon - face living in camps due to high poverty rates and lack of state or proper UN support.

Speakers concluded that implementing the right of return is essential to providing a solution to the suffering of the Palestinian refugees as well as to achieving a peaceful settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Many recommendations were put forward by the speakers as part of their answers to the questions posed by the public, as well as in conclusion to their speeches. They address the key issue of what a solution of the Palestinian refugee problem envisions. These recommendations urge the UK government as well as other Western and Middle Eastern governments to take action to bring a solution to the displacement of the Palestinian refugees as well as to implement the right of return. They also provide guidance for civil society and individual actors to contribute and coordinate their efforts of solidarity.



Chair of the event: Sara Apps, Interim Director at Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)
Sameh Habeeb, Head of Media and PR at Palestinian Return Centre (PRC)
Rohan Talbot, Campaigns and Media Officer at Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)
Pietro Stefanini, Researcher at Palestinian Return Centre (PRC)
Aimee Shalan, Director of Friends of Birzeit University
Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter


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