Parliamentary Event Transcript: Palestinian Nakba

Parliamentary Event Transcript: Palestinian Nakba

On Tuesday 10th May, the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), SNP Friends of Palestine (SNPFoP), Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East (LFPME), Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine (LDFP) organized a roundtable discussion in the Houses of Parliament chaired by Tommy Sheppard MP.

The seminar commemorated the events of the Nakba, the ‘catastrophe’. In 1948 Israel caused the displacement of approximately 750,000 Palestinian who became refugees in neighboring Arab countries while at least 200,000 were internally displaced.

The Nakba represents the dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and the expropriation of their homes and lands. Today is evident that the Nakba is still an ongoing process as millions of Palestinian refugees remain displaced and dispossessed.

On the 68th anniversary of the Nakba, the roundtable discussion focused on the possible mechanism to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict in light of International law and the UN resolutions.

Speakers discussed how the history of the Nakba continues today with the plight of Palestinian refugees, the role of the international community and mechanisms of Independence and self-determination for the Palestinian people.

Many MPs attended and some contributed to the discussion, including: Martyn Day MP, Chris Stephens MP, Ronnie Cowan MP, Chris Law MP, Carol Monaghan MP, Owen Thompson MP, Richard Arkless MP, Paula Sheriff MP, Margaret Ferrier MP, and Dr.
Ibrahim Khadra.



Tommy Sheppard MP, Host and Chair
Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian Ambassador to the UK
Karma Nabulsi, Professor at Oxford University
Jonathan Fryer, Chair of Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine
Caroline Patricia Lucas MP, Green Party
Sameh Habeeb, Head of Media/PR at Palestinian Return Centre

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