Palestinian Return Centre condemns the Times biased article

Palestinian Return Centre condemns the Times biased article

London - 27-10-2016 - Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) condemns the biased article of Dominic Kennedy, Investigations Editor of the Times and regards it as mere "Propaganda" and "bad journalism" that lack the basic ethic and standards of journalism.

On early Thursday, 27th of October, Kennedy published an article titled, "Jews blamed for Holocaust at ‘shameful’ House of Lords event"

The article of Kennedy is based on a blog post by David Collier who is a known pro-Israel blogger.

The article described the event of the Palestinian Return Centre as “‘shameful’ House of Lords event". Kennedy’s choice for the title fails to accurately depict the purpose and outcome the event, which centered around the launch of the Balfour Apology Campaign. He also gave a platform to the Israeli embassy in London where a spokesperson commented on the matter. Meanwhile, he failed to contact the centre for a comment on the issue.

We call on the Times to adopt a fair, accurate and objective reporting when dealing with press coverage.

In this instance, PRC reiterates its position, which is that we don't tolerate any form of anti-Semitism nor holocaust denial statements.

The fact that some members of the Jewish Neturei Karta said anti-semitic statements in the Q&A session of our meeting should not be used to defame our event or speakers. Comments being made from members of the audience should not be used to discredit our activities

PRC should be only held responsible for what is being said by our speakers. We are not responsible for what the audience ask or comment while the floor is open for discussion.



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