PRC condemns the Lebanese Separation Wall in Ein El Helwa refugee camp

PRC condemns the Lebanese Separation Wall in Ein El Helwa refugee camp


PRC - London - Geneva


The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) expresses its deep concern over the Lebanese government beginning to build a separation wall to engulf the vulnerable Palestinian refugee camp of Ein El Helwa. The centre perceives this step as extremely dangerous as it believes this will enhance the social division in the country and in practice it will essentially put more than 80.000 in a large open air prison.


As an NGO working tirelessly to improve the social conditions of Palestinian refugees as well as preserving their rights through working in many international arenas, we see the Lebanese iniative as a form of "Apartheid" and "Discrimination". This new wall will increase the daily suffering and misery of Palestinian refugees who despite their longstanding presence in Lebanon do not benefit from key aspects of social, political and economic life. 


The Lebanese Government's action is in violation of International law and basic human rights. Therefore, the centre is vowing launch an international campaign to oppose this decision in all available platforms and will work towards this with its partners worldwide to push the Lebanese government to reverse its wrong and inhuman action. The government of Lebanon should work towards improving the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in the country and grant them all of their human rights so that they can enjoy a dignified life.


London -24 Nov 2016

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