PRC thanks Ben Bradshaw for its UN special consultative status

PRC thanks Ben Bradshaw for its UN special consultative status

On December 12th the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) honored Ben Bradshaw MP, Labour, for his support to our bid for joining the UN ECOSOC as an NGO in special consultative status as well as his positions which support the Palestinian rights. 


Mr. Bradshaw had previously hosted the PRC in the House of Commons in January 2016, for an event on poverty in Palestinian refugee camps.  The event brought various NGOs to discuss the adverse conditions facing Palestinian refugees in the Middle East and urgent need to implement the right of return.


In 2014, Mr. Bradshaw defended his colleague Ed Miliband in his criticism of Israel for its disproportionate attacks on Gaza.  In article he wrote “In response to ‘Cast Lead’, when up to 1,400 Palestinians were killed, the then Labour foreign secretary, David Miliband, did not hesitate to describe the Israeli action as ‘disproportionate’. He also helped ensure an emergency European Union summit did the same and he suspended arms exports to Israel.”[1]

Bradshaw criticized the Israeli war on Gaza in 2012 and described it as ‘Gaza is on a Knife Edge’, he is also very critical of the illegal expansion of settlements. He was among the many MPs who voted  for Palestinian statehood in the parliament. 


Mr. Bradshaw has occupied various senior parliamentary positions such as Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (also Shadow Deputy Prime Minister) in 2010. He was also a labour  secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport between 2007-2009.



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