PRC Condemns Trump's Plan to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

PRC Condemns Trump's Plan to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
London 5 December 2017
Jerusalem is an integral part of Palestine and there will be no state without this city as the Capital.US President Donald Trump is a adamant to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem either this week or in the next 6 months. Trump regards moving the embassy an important part of his election campaign promises and he has to be credible to his voters. The intended step is against International law and any future solution. It is also the policy of all previous American presidents to refuse to move the embassy before a peace settlement is reached.
Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem risks initiating a vicious cycle of violence that will claim the lives of thousands of people.
People of Occupied Palestine, particularly Jerusalem have been enduring Israeli occupation for decades. Thousands have been killed, wounded and imprisoned. Israel has undermined the well-being of the Palestinian people and their aspiration for independence and self-determination.
We demand the US Government to step up its efforts to end the Israeli measures in Jerusalem were innocent civilians are being displaced in their old city.
We demand the US administration to play a more active role in ending the racist Israeli practices in the city.
We firmly call on this administration to cancel the plan of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem which will bring the region into further upheaval.
The American administration should abide by international law and related UN resolutions.
We call to end its unwavering support and biased policy towards Israel and its discriminatory policies. 
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