PRC: Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital is Disastrous and may Fuel Wars

PRC: Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital is Disastrous and may Fuel Wars

London 7 December 2017

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) condemns with the strongest words the reckless American recognition of Jerusalem as the 'Capital' of Israel. This is a disastrous decision that acts to plunge the region in endless conflict. PRC perceives this American step as 'the greatest setback' for the already struggling peace process. The US must therefore be prepared to bear full responsibility of the instability due to an inevitable upcoming storm the region.

Recognising Jerusalem as 'Israel's Capital' is a violation of International law and dozens of United Nations resolutions. It also contradicts the established international position on Jerusalem and breaches the precious sanctity of the city. Jerusalem has always been a place of tolerance and coexistence for Abrahamic religions, but Trump's decision threatens to forever change this concept. 

The centre argues that the US has always been an unfair and biased broker for the peace process. Today's announcement makes it clear that America has entirely lost its credibility to be a mediator of Israel and Palestine. The credibility of the US as a key mediator for peace process is in great doubt now. It has always sided with Israel but today's move is the most apparent case and will show US real intent. 

Additionally, the Palestinian Authority must use its membership at the UN and International Court of Justice to legally persecute Israeli leaders accused of war crimes as a prompt response.

PRC calls on the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly to immediately convene and put in action the UN resolutions which have asserted and clarified the status of Jerusalem for decades.

The International Community must also stand against the US decision and denounce this dangerous and audacious step.  Trump's decision is precious gift for extremist and right wing Israeli Government where it will encourage them to commit more violations and expand the illegal settlement across the West Bank and Jerusalem.

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