UNRWA’s Social Assistance & Poverty Reduction Approaches.. The Case of Gazan Refugees In Jordan

UNRWA’s Social Assistance & Poverty Reduction Approaches.. The Case of Gazan Refugees In Jordan

This study spotlights the Achilles’ heels in the mechanisms pursued by UNRWA to rein in poverty among Gazan refugees who fled to Jordan, the majority of whom suffer from abject poverty.

It provides an overview of the refugees’ living conditions, before it proceeds with an assessment of UNRWA’s past and present priorities. The focus is laid on the agency’s medium-term strategies and goals.

The study also covers UNRWA’s Social Safety Net Program, which aims to alleviate poverty among Palestine refugee families in UNRWA›s fields of operation. The views and responses of a number of concerned Gaza refugees are put on display all the way through.

The report is wrapped up with a fact-based assessment of UNRWA initiatives and mechanisms to curb the propagation of poverty. A set of recommendations are finally put forth in an attempt to prop up UNRWA’s anti-poverty endeavors.

Conclusively, while ineffectiveness plays a huge role in the Agency’s inability to properly address the needs of the refugee population, there are three other reasons explaining UNRWA’s inefficiency. Firstly, budget cuts have only exasperated the vulnerability of UNRWA’s beneficiaries. Secondly, the political cages constructed by host countries around Palestinian refugees, means they are sentenced to a lifetime of poverty and impoverishment. Thirdly, Israel’s deliberate denial of its obligation to respect the right of return erases its undeniable complicity in exasperating the situations of the millions of Palestinian refugees around the globe.


Researcher: Maya Hammad

Editors: Pietro Stefanini and Tarek Hamoud


  • Paperback: 18 pages
  • Publisher: The Palestinian Return Centre
  • Language: English
  • Date: 2018
  • ISBN: 978 1 901924 47 3
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  • Dimensions: 18 x 26 cm
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