Press Statement: PRC Supports Day of Action to Oppose Israeli Annexation – Sat 4 July

Press Statement: PRC Supports Day of Action to Oppose  Israeli Annexation – Sat 4 July

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) announces its support for efforts led by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) to organize a National Day of Action on Saturday the 4th July, to spur resistance in the UK to Israel’s planned annexation of large swathes of occupied Palestinian territory in the Jordan Valley and the West Bank.

PRC expresses its solidarity with the Palestinian people and reiterates its firm commitment to international law and relevant UN resolutions prohibiting annexation of occupied territory.

PRC will join PSC’s efforts seeking to pressurize the UK Government to take action in response to Israel’s annexation move through the enactment of sanctions.

PRC calls on all human rights advocates, NGOs, and civil society representatives to actively take part in the Day of Action and voice solidarity with the Palestinian people.

PRC also stresses the need for respecting public health considerations and encourages people to take action in their localities. 

In line with PSC’s instructions, PRC calls for groups made up of no more than 6, adhering to social distancing regulations, to demonstrate by holding signs with 3 slogans – Stop Annexation,  End Apartheid, Sanctions Now - and then to share a picture on social media.

PRC strongly condemned Israel’s projected unilateral annexation of large swathes of the illegally occupied West Bank and its intention to declare the territory an integral part of Israel.

PRC believes that such an illegal act would be the culmination of years of land theft, displacement of Palestinians, and illegal settlement of occupied Palestinian land.

The international community has a duty to respond to such flagrant violations of international law and to push for international law enforcement on ties with illegal Israeli settlements.

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