Book: UNRWA at 70 Palestinian Refugees in Context

Book: UNRWA at 70 Palestinian Refugees in Context

UNRWA at 70: Palestinian Refugees in Context is now available for order. The book grew out of a one-day conference hosted in 2019 at the British Library in London, organised by the Palestinian Return Centre with the collaboration of the Al Jazeera Centre for Studies and the European Centre for Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter.

The exile of Palestinian refugees remains at the heart of the Palestinian struggle for justice and liberation. UNRWA at 70 engages the themes surrounding this UN Agency and Palestinians beyond the logics of humanitarianism. The book brings together scholars from Palestine, Lebanon, Qatar, the UK, Canada and elsewhere, who specialise in the fields of politics, history, sociology and law, and are renowned for producing critical research on the Arab region and in particular on the displacement of Palestinians. This project follows previous co-published books by the Palestinian Return Centre and the Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, which include World War I Impact on Palestine: A Hundred Year legacy (2016) and Palestinian Refugees in the Arab World: Realities & Prospects (2015). 

From the Preface:

“What stands out in the analyses from different perspectives and time periods, are both the criticisms and praise from the several writers, describing various periods and locales. Even more striking is the depiction of the resilience and strength of the refugees who have managed to confront decades of political and social difficulties, and outright opposition, but with strength and wisdom, and slow but sure advances. Despite multiple adversaries and adversarial conditions, they have carried on with determination, goodwill and hope, and, most of all, the knowledge that their cause is just.

The quality and breadth of the articles reward readers from different backgrounds and interests with intertwining depictions of both historical and present day encounters, as Palestinians live their challenged lives with strength, fortitude and optimism for the sake of their future, and that of their children.” —Karen Abu Zayd, former UNRWA Commissioner-General

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Paperback: 96 pages

Publisher: The Palestinian Return Centre & Al-Jazeera Center for Studies

Language:  English

Date:  2020

ISBN:  978-1-901924-62-6

Price: £ 10.00 paperback / £ 5.00 PDF [online]


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