PRC calls for urgent international action to meet the needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

PRC calls for urgent international action to meet the needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

The Palestinian Return Center in London called on members of the United Nations Human Rights Council to take urgent measures to meet the humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

This came during two oral and written statements, presented by the Return Center at the Human Rights Council, during one of the sessions of the third item on the Council's agenda within the 47th session held in Geneva.

In its oral statement, presented by Bilal Salaymeh, The return centre raised the issue of the suffering of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the difficult economic, financial and political conditions they face.

It said that the poor humanitarian conditions, discrimination, poverty and deprivation are among the main reasons that make it difficult for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to adapt to the bitter reality that has been imposed on them recently.

PRC considered the Palestinian refugees to be among the most vulnerable parts of Lebanese society, drawing attention to the deterioration of their economic conditions after the collapse of the exchange rate of the Lebanese Lira against the dollar, the rise in the prices of basic materials and foodstuffs, in addition to the COVID pandemic.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there are approximately 400,000 Palestinian refugees in 12 camps inside the Lebanese territories.

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are not allowed to benefit from public health care and other social services, while most of them cannot pay for private health care, according to the Return Center.

It added that most refugees are unable to enrol in Lebanese schools and universities, noting that 66.5% of all Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon live below the poverty line, while the unemployment rate among Palestinians in Lebanon is 56%.

The written statement, which was deposited in the archives of the United Nations and bears the reference number: A/HRC/47/NGO/63, also included the Return Centre's expression of its deep concern about the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, calling on the Human Rights Council to work to support them in these difficult times, especially during COVID pandemic, as their need for financial, medical and humanitarian assistance is more urgent than ever.

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