PRC Briefs UN on Shocking Unemployment Scale in Besieged Gaza

PRC Briefs UN on Shocking Unemployment Scale in Besieged Gaza

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) in London delivered an oral statement at the UN Human Rights Council about youth unemployment in the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip.

PRC said that today one of the biggest obstacles to Palestinians' right to development in Gaza, is Israel’s blockade.

Referring to recent statistics from UNRWA, PRC said the overall unemployment rate in Gaza stands at 47 per cent, one of the highest in the world, with the unemployment rate among youth in Gaza holding intermediate diplomas or university degrees reaching over 74 per cent.

“Gaza’s youth population is reportedly one of the world’s most educated populations, and most literate, yet it holds one of the highest unemployment rates”, said PRC. “These high unemployment rates are a direct consequence of Israel’s 16 year blockade on Gaza, and stands as a barrier in the way of Gaza’s youth development, directly impeding the UN’s Special Rapporteur’s efforts to enhance youth’s exercise of their right to development.

“Youth play a vital role in sustaining progressive development for generations within their communities; Yet, Palestinian youth are being denied the right to fulfill that important role”, added PRC.

PRC called on the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to development to join the Centre’s call for an immediate end to Israel’s 16 year blockade of Gaza, which acts as a direct barrier in the way of over a million Palestinian youths' right to development.


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