Report: The Ongoing Genocide in Gaza and International Complicity (Feb 2024)

Report: The Ongoing Genocide in Gaza and International Complicity (Feb 2024)

UN REF: A/HRC/55/NGO/293

Date: 6 February 2024

Title: The Ongoing Genocide in Gaza and International Complicity


Written statement submitted by The Palestinian Return Centre Ltd, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status at Human Rights Council Fifty-fifth session 26 February–5 April 2024 Agenda item 7: Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.




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Written Statement to UN Human Rights Council about International Complicity in Israeli Genocide in Gaza

 The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) in London handed over a written statement to the UN Human Rights Council, which is circulated in accordance with Economic and Social Council Resolution 1996/31.

Entitled “The Ongoing Genocide in Gaza and International Complicity”, the written statement highlighted the complicity of international governments in Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip and their failure to implement a ceasefire and protect civilians against these attacks, in contravention of the Genocide Convention’s regulations on preventing genocide.

“Since the start of Israel’s current attacks after October 7, the Gaza Strip has become the target of mass killings, displacement and destruction. An estimated 33,000 people have been killed, including 12,660 children and 7,000 missing and likely dead under the rubble”, the statement read.

It warned of the scope, scale and speed of Israel’s destruction, which is unprecedented since the World War II. The northern part of the Gaza Strip has been virtually completely destroyed and depopulated. Approximately 85 percent of the population—1,955,000 people—has been displaced. This constitutes a campaign of mass displacement against the Palestinian people. Nearly 1.72 million of these internally displaced persons were registered in severely overcrowded UNRWA facilities, added PRC.

“To rebuild Gaza and render it habitable once again the international community must immediately demand a ceasefire along with a comprehensive plan to end the Israeli military occupation and system of apartheid over the Palestinian people”, the statement said.

PRC strongly condemned the damaging role played by some Western governments through their full support for the Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip. The United States of America, Israel’s major ally and supporter, was accused of enabling the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has also failed to call for a ceasefire to the war and continues to support arm sales to the Israeli government.

The statement denounced Germany’s flagrant suppression of Palestinian solidarity initiatives and its pledges to continue to provide Israel with military equipment and armaments that may be used on Palestinians in Gaza.

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