Palestinian Return Centre Hosts Panel on Gaza Detainees at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Palestinian Return Centre Hosts Panel on Gaza Detainees at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Geneva, June 20, 2024 – The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) successfully organised and held a compelling side event during the 56th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. The event, titled "Silenced Echoes: Unravelling the Enforced Disappearances Among Palestinian Detainees in Gaza," attracted a full house with representatives from over 20 countries, including Greece, Maldives, Morocco, Lebanon, Romania, Spain, Qatar, Belgium, and Ireland. The event was also attended by numerous NGOs, CSOs, members of the Secretariat, journalists, and media personnel.


The panel of distinguished speakers included Mr. Osama Alghoul, Director of International Solidarity with Prisoners (TADAMON); Mr. Almoutassim Bellah Al Kilani, Human Rights and International Criminal Law expert; and Mr. Ahmed Frassini, Media Strategy Consultant and EUPAC Coordinator. The session was expertly moderated by Mrs. Haya Natsheh, a researcher and PR expert at the Palestinian Return Centre.


The session presented extensive data and statistics about the dire situation of detainees in Palestine, specifically in Gaza, with a particular focus on the period following October 7th. The discussion highlighted severe human rights violations, including:


- Systematic torture and denial of personal hygiene.

- Strip searches, sexual assaults, and beatings.

- Isolation from the outside world with no access to radios, newspapers, or family visits.

- Increased cell raids, prohibition of Friday prayers, and denial of outdoor break time.

- Extrajudicial killings during detention and interrogations.

 - The bodies detained by the occupation, the bodies of prisoners, and the releated human organs trade.

These violations were meticulously linked to relevant laws and articles, illustrating how Israel should be held accountable for such breaches and can no longer evade punishment.


The session also delved into Israel's policy of retaining the bodies of deceased detainees and refusing to return them to their families. This practice was linked to organ trading and enforced disappearances even after death.


The audience actively engaged during the Q&A session, with interventions focusing on how Israel can be held accountable under international law and the critical need for the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) to conduct an in-depth investigation into these issues.


The PRC calls for immediate and rigorous action by international bodies to address these human rights violations and ensure justice for Palestinian detainees.



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