London: PRC Hosts Panel Discussion on European Countries’ Recognition of the State of Palestine

London: PRC Hosts Panel Discussion on European Countries’ Recognition of the State of Palestine

In a compelling online panel discussion hosted by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), titled "Recognising Palestine: What's Next for Ireland, Spain, and Norway," experts and activists from various backgrounds delved into the recent decisions by these countries to recognize Palestine as a state. The panel highlighted the implications of these recognitions, the responsibilities they entail, and the urgent need for further action from these governments.

 The list of speakers includes the Irish member of Parliament Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Nora Borras, Bana Abu Zuluf, Kjell Stephansen, and Alice Panepinto.


Recognition of Palestine: A Step Forward

Speakers unanimously acclaimed the decisions by Ireland, Spain, and Norway to recognize Palestine. They emphasized that these moves are crucial in the global struggle for Palestinian self-determination, especially in light of the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The panelists condemned the recent massacres in Gaza, attributing them to the prolonged and brutal Israeli occupation. They argued that recognizing Palestine is a moral and political necessity to counter Israeli impunity.


Addressing Israeli Impunity and Western Complicity

The discussion turned to the broader context of Israeli impunity and the complicity of major world powers in Israeli crimes. Panelists criticized the double standards often displayed by Western countries, accusing them of pursuing imperialist interests at the expense of Palestinian rights.

They called for a reevaluation of international policies towards Israel, advocating for more stringent measures to hold Israel accountable for its crimes.


The Role of International Organizations

Another key point of discussion was the potential role of Palestine as a member of international organizations. The speakers argued that such membership could significantly bolster Palestine's position on the global stage and aid in the pursuit of justice and self-determination.

However, they also acknowledged the challenges that come with such recognition, including political pushback from countries opposed to Palestinian statehood and the complexities of navigating international diplomacy.


The Path Forward

The panelists urged the governments of Ireland, Spain, and Norway to go beyond mere recognition and take concrete actions to support Palestinian rights. This includes advocating for Palestine within international organizations, imposing sanctions on Israel, and supporting Palestinian civil society initiatives. They stressed that recognition should be the beginning of a broader effort to ensure justice and peace in the region.


PRC's online panel discussion highlighted the critical importance of recognizing Palestine as a state and the multifaceted challenges that come with such recognition. The speakers called for sustained and comprehensive efforts from the international community to support Palestinian self-determination and hold Israel accountable for its actions. The discussion underscored the need for solidarity and action in the face of ongoing oppression and injustice.

PRC continues to play a vital role in advocating for Palestinian rights and raising awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people. Through events like these, the Centre aims to foster global solidarity and push for meaningful change in the pursuit of justice for Palestine.


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