More on Palestinians in Europe Conferences, Berlin

More on Palestinians in Europe Conferences, Berlin

Palestinians in Europe Conferences are a clear-cut message of our determination to reach the ultimate goal of the Palestinian people, freedom from occupation. Furthermore, they aim to bring the European public closer to the true story as opposed to the Zionist misrepresenation.

The conference gives Palestinians in Europe a chance to express their views about key issues regarding Palestine. It underlines their presence in Palestinian politics as a part of 6 million Palestinian refugees scattered all over the world and ensures that their voice is heard. The issue of the Palestinian refugees is at the centre of our attention.

The 8th conference which has been held in Berlin, Germany on the 8th of May 2010was a great success. Both Palestinians and non-Palestinians are welcome to joined our event at the largest alestinian event in Europe this year!

The Palestinian community in Germany is the largest overseas. The number of Palestinians in Germany nears to 100,000, the majority of which moved from refugee camps in Arab countries, especially Lebanon. 25,000 of them reside in Berlin, Germany's federal capital.A large number of researchers specialized in the Palestinian cause, European politicians, journalists and intellectuals are on the guest speaker list. The core topics are the issue of Palestinian prisoners and the issue of the Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees. Also, issues of the young Palestinian generation in Europe will be discussed.

The conference included:

• Special workshops and programmes for women, youths and children• Photo galleries about Gaza, Jerusalem, Palestinian prisoners, the Apartheid Wall and the Nakba• Folk art shows (music, singing, dancing/Dabka)

More than 10 Thousands attended the conference. Whilst, a considerable media coverage has been made by proper outlets. The conference was organized by the General Secretariat of Palestinians in Europe Conference, the Palestinian Return Centre and the Palestinian Community in Germany (PGD), in cooperation with numerous organisations from Europe.


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