PRC Weekly News-Bulletin on Palestinian Refugees

PRC Weekly News-Bulletin on Palestinian Refugees

PRC Weekly News-Bulletin on Palestinian RefugeesMay 20-27, 2010



UAE Red Crescent launches Projects

Etihad Newspaper: The Emirate Red Crescent announced a number of projects to be implemented in Palestinian Refugee camps. The projects will focus on relief and rebuilding. Mosques, schools, community centres, health units and housing units will be built in the Palestinian Refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon. The project's estimated cost is 242 million Emirate Dirham.

Calls to rebuild Nahr Al Barid Refugee Camp

Agencies: Palestinian Refugees "residents of Nahr Al bard and al badawi camps" called on the UN and linked governments to rebuild the camps immediately. A protest took place in Lebanon in front of the camps to express the anger over the delay in rebuilding these camps. The camps were destroyed 3 years ago when violence erupted between the Lebanese army and some militants inside the camp. The clashes resulted in a number of fatalities as well as destroying the two camps. Over 40, 000 of the refugees are now homeless while 18,000 of them vive in temporary housing units.

Masked Fighters Burn UNRWA summer games camp

Agencies: Masked Fighters set fire to UNRWA summer games camps in Gaza. Around 40 militants stormed the camps and set them on fire. The camps are for children aged under 10, males and females. The incident brought massive criticism from NGOs and Palestinian political factions.

Palestinians continue to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba

Agencies: Palestinians in refugee camps, the Diaspora and occupied Palestinian territories continue to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba. Events took place for the entire month of May across the USA, Australia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. The Nakba, or ‘catastrophe' resulted saw over 530 villages destroyed and more than 800,000 Palestinians ethnically cleansed in 1948.

Vans that carried Refugees in 1948, back for Nakba Commemoration

Etihad Newspaper: Thousands of Palestinian refugees commemorated the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba last week in West Bank city of Ramallah. Original vans from 1948 which were used to transfer the refugees to the camps were used. The event used the symbols of the vans to show that Palestinians still maintain their adherence to the right of return in line with international law and human rights.

Syria committed to support Palestinian Refugees

Wafa: Syrian Minister of labour and social affairs, Deyala Al haj Aref, stressed that her government will continue to support Palestinian Refugees until they go back to Palestine. At a meeting with Filipe Grandi, Head of UNRWA, she called also on the international community to fulfil its responsibility regarding Palestinian refugees. The minster added that Syria will spare no effort to support the refugees residing in its camps.

UNRWA still lacks funds

Agencies: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is still struggling to raise funds for its activities regarding refugees. The agency scaled back many of its projects and activities as many of the donor countries abstained from providing funds. The UNRWA problem has been worsened by the international recession and rates of exchange of the Euro and Dollar. Filipe Grandi, Head of UNRWA, appealed to the international community to increase its support immediately.

Prepared By The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC)London, United Kingdom



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