Press Release: PRC 15 years of success to serve Palestinian Refugees

Press Release: PRC 15 years of success to serve Palestinian Refugees

PRC is an independent, UN accredited, consultancy organisation specialised in the history and plight of Palestinian refugees. PRC’s activities span many area, including academic, media and humanitarian, all of which is intended for defending and promoting the basic human rights of Palestinian refugees, above all the right to return to their land.

The organisation offers expert advice to various institutions, governments and agencies, national and international, on the question of Palestinian refugees.

Many of the centres' high profile activities draws academics, politicians and activists from all over the world, including British Ministers, MPs from the UK, ambassador of Palestine in London, ambassadors and government officials from numerous other states.Following its inception in 1996, the centre has tirelessly argued the case for the rights of Palestinian refugees.  We have advocated and voiced the concerns of Palestinian refugees all over the world and attracted the attention of the international community to a number of political and humanitarian issues. We have carried the hopes and aspirations as well as drawing attention to the realities facing Palestinian refugees all over the world. We have campaigned hard, through our lobbying, writing, consultancy and media work in order that the refugee issue does not fall off the political radar.The centre is an accredited United Nations NGO, legally operating within the UK. This unique status offers PRC the opportunity to participate in UN events dealing with the Question of Palestine and in formulating outcomes. Recent report, published in several media outlets, about PRC activities is baseless and unfounded. It only reflects the success which PRC has achieved in advocating the right of Palestinian refugees to the international community.PRC will continue to defend the rights of Palestinian refugees and strive to strengthen its relationships with the international community. It will build on its good relationship with UNRWA, UNHCR, and other humanitarian agencies, and seek greater solidarity with the growing global Palestine solidarity campaign, which are all ultimately seeking to defend human rights, the rule of law and bringing hope to the hopeless.PRC is preparing a series of high profile activities across the UK and Europe starting with Palestine Memorial Week in January the 15th under the title of “The Ongoing Nakba” which will commence with an International conference on the same day.  Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is not affiliated to any political party in the UK or elsewhere.

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