PRC releases new Book on Internally Displaced Palestinians

PRC releases new Book on Internally Displaced Palestinians

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is pleased to release a new book on the issue of Internally Displaced Palestinians (IDPS). The book is based on research study aims to answer an important question in the case of IDPs inside Israel: Why is the issue of IDPs absent locally (within Israel) and internationally? To research why the Israeli State does not recognize IDPs as displaced persons, we should consider the Israeli policy towards them since Al-Nakba.

The book looks at Israeli policy if remained the same or changed over time?  Book Writer, Arafet Boujemaa, states in his book that, “We should also discuss why the international community has not taken on the case of the IDP’s and provided them with international assistance and protection, as is afforded to other internally displaced persons worldwide. In addition, the study considers durable solutions to the problem of IDPs.”

The book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter provides a background to the research which will discuss: the importance of the study; the difficulties faced; the methodology followed; and an overview of the historical background of the Palestinian cause.

The second chapter will identify the Israeli legislation policy toward IDPs. This will identify the extent to which legislation is part of the policies pursued to overlook IDPs rights. The third chapter will address the life conditions of IDPs and their ordeal as a result of their eviction from their lands.

The fourth chapter will be devoted to the study of the identity of IDPs and the most important events that have proven their commitment to this Palestinian identity.

The fifth chapter will deal with international protection for IDPs in terms of how they have been defined and protected by international organizations and how these organizations have coordinated in their efforts to assist IDPs. The sixth and final Chapter of the research will discuss durable solutions for the IDPs, both in theory, as reflected in international law, and in resolutions, as represented by the Guiding Principles and Resolution 194, and practical solutions.

Internally displaced Palestinians are the most striking example of the failing of national authorities to honor their obligation, under international law, to assist IDPs, and the failure of international actors to protect them. Whilst the international community celebrated the publication of the most important international document in the modern era on human rights, "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights", the world has witnessed the plight of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were displaced from their homes and villages and have become either refugees within their own country or refugees within host countries.


About the Author:

Arafet Boujema was born in Tunisia and now lives in the UK. He is a law graduate from the university of in Casablanca in Morocco. Mr. Boujemaa has also completed a Masters degree in Refugees Studies at the University of East London. His professional career is focused on human rights affairs and refugees studies. He worked for a number of British NGOs and is very active within civic organizations addressing human rights issues. 

Note: Book will be available on PRC website shortly. Alternatively, contact us on to purchase a copy at a minimum price.

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