Palestinian Awareness Day held in Surrey University

Palestinian Awareness Day held in Surrey University

As part of raising the awareness about the Palestinian cause, a 2-day event took place in Surrey University. The event was organized by Surrey Islamic Society in association with the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and Palestinian Solidarity Campaign in the UK. Palestinian Awareness day lasted from the 10th to 11th Feb with the cooperation of Surrey Student’s Union. 


The event was an opportunity to understand the conflict in the Middle East and a chance to hear some views about the Palestinian Israeli conflict like the Right of Return, humanitarian conditions in the Gaza strip and the position of the British government.

Around 150-200 people attended the seminar. The event was fruitful and included many comprehensive presentations done by PRC and participating organizations like PSC and Islamic Society of Surrey.

Speakers included Esam Alnahdi, President of ISOC, and Paul Troop  who spoke about the conflict within the International Law. Dr.Husni Hammuda, delivered a lecture on, What people in Britain can do to help? The event was moderated by Ayman Abu Awad, a human rights activist.


Q and A session was held afterwards where audience had a chance to interact with speakers.

The very unique event included Photo Galleries on various issues relating to Palestine such as the Nakba, assault on Gaza and Apartheid Wall in the West Bank. Lectures discussed various topics like History of the conflict and proposed solutions, The conflict within International Law, Can we hold the UK government accountable?,  What can we do to help?, Question & Answer session.

Many Posters, leaflets, Palestinian koffiya, CD’s, Gifts and many other Palestinian accessories were given to participating students.

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