Israeli Law of Return and its Impact on the Conflict in Palestine

Israeli Law of Return and its Impact on the Conflict in Palestine

The Law of Return embodies the central purpose of the state of Israel; it is the very basis of Zionism. It is the law that turns Israel from a state for its citizens to a state for a hypothetical world Jewry, ever longing to go back (according to Zionist allegations), ever refusing to do so (as demographic statistics show).


It is also the law that implies the denial of the Palestinian right of return. In other words it is the basis for the apartheid nature of the Zionist state that has isolated it from the geographical region where it exists and that has generated so much conflict. Only by rescinding the law of return, and by recognizing the inalienable right of the Palestinian right of return, can we begin to talk about a permanent just peace, permanent because just, and not simply based on a Darwinian balance of power and a cluster of quasi-religious racist settler colonial ideas.Prof. Abd Al-Wahab El-Messiri

This book is the product of a conference organized by the Palestinian Return Centre, in London, in April 2002 under the same title. It reviews the origins of the Israeli Law of Return, its objectives, development and impact on the conflict in Palestine. The 16 essays presented here are arranged under four broad headings: from the past, ingathering the exiles, building the ethnic state, and legal issues and the future.


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1. On the Law of Return / Transfer by Abd Al-Wahab M El-Messiri

2. Religion and the Promise of Redemption in the Israeli Law of Return by Mustafa Abu Sway

3. The Israeli Law of Return: an Appraisal of its Historical Origins and Motives by Daud Abdullah

4. South African Apartheid and Israeli Zionism: a Comparative Study by Magdy Hammad



5. The World Zionist Organization/Jewish Agency and its Role in Implementing the "Law of Return" Asad Abdel Rahman

6. "The Israeli Law of Return, Dual Loyalty and The Status of Jewish Communities Outside Israel" Salman Abu Sitta

7. The Bible and the ‘Repeopling‘ of Palestine. Diver gent Attitudes of Christian Zionism and the Mainstream Churches by Michael Prior

8. The American Jewish Community and Israel: "Return" or Philantrophy? By Naseer Aruri



9. The Law of Return, the Chief Rabbinate and the Status of Non-Orthodox Jews in Israel by Ja‘afar Hadi Hasan

10. The Distribution of Jewish Immigrants in Palestine Before and After the Establishment of the State of Israel by Rassem Khamaisi

11. The Law of Return and its Impact on the Unrecognized Villages-a Case of Deportation and the Struggle for Land by Mohammad Abu-Elheja



12. International Law & the Israeli Law of Return by Shafik Masri

13. The Significance of Palestinian Return and Israeli Immigration Laws in the Conflict by Munir Shafiq

14. The Palestinian Right of Return In The Light of International Law by Hussain Shaban

15. Palestinian and Arab Responses To The Israeli Law of Return by Souheil El-Natour

16. Preliminary Thoughts on the Future of Israel According to the Science of Settler Colonialism by George Jabbour

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