Aya Ghanameh

Aya Ghanameh

Palestinian Illustrator and Writer

Aya Ghanameh is a Palestinian illustrator, writer, and designer currently working as a Children’s Book Design Fellow at Chronicle Books. In her work, she is particularly invested in inclusivity and intersectionality, and exploring how literary and visual arts can expand the horizons of knowledge production related to cultural identity beyond nationalist ways of thinking to center the voices of ordinary people. She is a recent graduate of the Illustration department at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned her BFA with a minor in Literary Arts and Studies. Her debut children's picture book, These Olive Trees, is due for publication in spring 2023 with Viking Children’s at Penguin Random House.

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Art Exhibition: Visualising Return

From : 2021-12-02 12:00:00
To : 2021-12-12 18:00:00
London time zone
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