Hadil Alsafadi

Hadil Alsafadi

Palestinian artist

Hadil Alsafadi is a Palestinian artist from Safad, born and raised in the diaspora. Hadil uses her art as a tool to advocate for human rights and social justice of many causes, particularly the Palestinian cause. From a young age she started drawing using traditional media, but now works digitally. Her Vibrant digital drawings pay homage to a homeland that she could never visit. Her dedication towards the cause stems from a desire to reclaim the narrative about Palestine and delivering the truth about apartheid. She considers herself a story-teller with a duty to raise awareness about the realities of the Palestinian experience, culture, and heritage. “Return” to Hadil means the reclamation of the entire 27,027 square kilometers of Palestinian lands. It means returning to her hometown, Safad, and retrieving the home that was stolen from her grandfather. Return means the liberation of all prisoners, women, children, and men. Return means being able to visit Jerusalem without a permit and praying in Al-Aqsa without having to go through any IOF check-points. It means the elimination of borders between Jerusalem, West-Bank, Gaza strip and the 48 Lands. Return means the realization of our martyrs’ dreams. Return means resistance, it means Liberation.

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Art Exhibition: Visualising Return

From : 2021-12-02 12:00:00
To : 2021-12-12 18:00:00
London time zone
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