Gabriel Huland

Gabriel Huland

Journalist and researcher

Gabriel Huland: Is a journalist and a PhD candidate at SOAS, University of London. His research looks at the coverage of the Syrian conflict in three American newspapers - the NYT, the WP, and the WSJ. He recently published For or Against War?: The Syrian Conflict on the New York Times Opinion Pages, in the Journal of Communication and Media Studies. Before moving to London, he lived in Spain, Costa Rica, and Brazil, where he grew up and has his family. He worked as the editor of Página Roja, an independent Spanish newspaper, and as a researcher at the Latin American Institute of Socio-economic Studies (ILAESE), in Brazil. His research interests include migration, international politics, labour movements, news framing, and media policy. He has good knowledge of Latin American, Middle Eastern, and European affairs.

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The Palestinian Exodus: Turning Latin America Red

From : 2022-12-08 19:00:00
To : 2022-12-08 20:30:00
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