Mariam Barghouti

Mariam Barghouti

Palestinian Writer and Researcher

Mariam Barghouti is a Palestinian writer and researcher based in Ramallah. She earned a BA in English Language and Literature from Birzeit University, and an MSc in Sociology and Global Change from the University of Edinburgh. She worked as a journalist and reporter with a focus on the Levant, and published various sociopolitical commentaries from Palestine. Her reporting and analysis have been featured in Al-Jazeera English, the New York Times, the Guardian, Washington Post, BBC, and Middle East Eye. She has also undertaken monitoring and evaluation missions of humanitarian and development aid in Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon for various governmental and non-governmental organizations. Barghouti is also a policy member with the Palestinian think tank, Al-Shabaka, and provides consulting on context analysis and risk mitigation, advocacy, and creative direction. She is also a lecturer of Sociology.

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Opening Panel - Inaugural Panel Palestinians Demand Right of Return

From : 2021-12-06 19:00:00
To : 2021-12-06 20:30:00
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