Enas Ghannam

Enas Ghannam


Enas Fares Ghannam, holder of a Bachelor's degree in English, professional diploma in translation, and Master's in translation. Is the project manager of the "We Are Not Numbers" program. This program, which was originally founded to tell the stories behind those who were killed or were injured by Israeli occupation forces, tells the stories of Palestine from the mouth of Palestinians all over the world. Enas is originally a refugee from Nablus, and worked as a teacher at UNRWA schools for a few years. Her ambition is to help the Palestinian people, Palestinian youths specifically, achieve their goals and become free. By freedom, She doesn’t only mean living in a free state, without the Israeli occupation, or having the freedom to move or travel safely, but in her own words, she means freedom to express their opinions and to think in a way that can help Palestine become a better place for themselves and for their children in future.

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The Generation That Will Return - Global Roundtable

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