Dr Salman Abu Sitta

Dr Salman Abu Sitta

Researcher and Historian

Dr Salman Abu Sitta was born in 1937 in Ma‘in Abu Sitta, in the Beersheba district of Mandate Palestine. An engineer by profession, and a researcher most known for his ground-breaking project mapping of Palestine in 21st, 20th and 19th centuries and developing a practical plan for implementing the Palestinian right of return of Palestinian refugees. He has spent over 40 years digging for any detail of information about or related to Palestine before, during and after al Nakba. Abu Sitta's work has encompassed not only documenting the Nakba, but also ensuring that "the memories and identity of the occupied homeland are never lost". He is the author of six books and over 300 articles and papers on Palestine, including The Atlas of Palestine, 1917–1966. He is the founder and president of the Palestine Land Society.

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Closing Panel: 73 Years of UN Resolution 194

From : 2021-12-10 19:00:00
To : 2021-12-10 20:30:00
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